So who is Yuki exactly?

I have always been bad when it comes to introductions, but let me tell you at least something about myself. But before I start talking about anything, let me fill you in with one thing. My main language obviously isn’t english. It’s my 2nd one and I’m still learning it more and more. So my text will probably have lots of mistakes and problems. I’ll try to do my best, so don’t get angry with me. If you want to help me out and tell me about the worst typos in posts, then that’d help out a lot. I want people to understand everything, so I’ll try to make these posts as good as possible. I already want to thank you who’ll read my upcoming posts (and well, this one). That really means a lot to me. Commenting in my posts is also really appreciated, I’d love to read your thoughts as well. Let’s have fun together, shall we?

I am an 22-year old datanome student (studying computers and so on) from Finland. My hobbies include video games (well, duh), listening to lots of music, watching anime, having some nice walks outside and… some other things I don’t find worth mentioning. In the outside world, I go to school, spend time with my friends and of course, with my lovely girlfriend. So yeah… what else? Well, you don’t really need to know more things about me, since you aren’t here because of my personal life. You are here because of video games. Yeah, I bet you love ’em, right? We all have our own history with games. Some started playing as kids and some a bit older. Some started on NES (or hell, even Atari), some started on PS2. You know the drill.

I’ve had a big love for video games since the age 6. I started out with SNES (thanks dad! That was one of the best gifts I have ever received in my life), continued to get a N64 for only a little while and then proceeding to buy a PS1 (sold my SNES and N64 to get it…). Of course, I’ve bought PS2, X360, PSP, DS and Gamecube (I could say Wii as well, but it’s my sister’s) after that, but those three consoles I mentioned, I have the most nostalgic memories of them. Hey, why don’t I tell about some memories from the first three consoles I’ve owned, so you can know why exactly they are very precious to me.

Super Nintendo

 It’s been a while since I’ve actually checked out pics of Super Nintendo’s, but I just noticed that we got the japanese look of SNES for Europe. Not the boring US look. Sweet.

Anyways… SNES. What can I really say about it? It was my first console back in the year 1996 (or 1997). It was a present from my dad to me for surviving a very bad pneumonia. Back in the days, I didn’t even knew what a gaming console was. I never even talked about it to my dad. I’ve always wondered what exactly made him to buy a SNES for me. I guess it was marketed a lot for kids like me back then, so my dad probably thought it would be a good idea to get something like that for me. This console definitely changed my whole world. I wouldn’t be the same person as I am today, without this masterpiece of a console. Games in general, have helped me out a lot with my personal problems and things happening in outside world. I’ve had to deal with people who aren’t really the brightest in the world (you know, people who will offer you alcohol and drugs. And I’m talking about underaged people,  like 9-12 year olds. Yeah… this world has really changed). So I’m glad I rather stayed at home and spent hours on some Mario game for the millionth time. So… dad getting me a SNES… I call it good parenting in my case. I didn’t get caught on the bad shit at all. I lived in my imaginative world with Mario and buddies. Now that’s a good world for a kid like me, haha.

I only had 4 games for SNES. Well, actually 7, since Super Mario Allstars had four Mario games (yeah… I didn’t get the Super Mario World edition. Life sucks). I replayed all of those games many, many times. I always wanted to have more games for it, but they just cost too much and my family wasn’t the richest one out there so yeah. But 4 (seven) games is still more than a one game. The N64…

Nintendo 64 


Nintendo 64… a console where I only had one game, Super Mario 64. It was also the only game which I really wanted for it. I remember that one time, when they had a N64 at this electronic shop here where I live. I lied to my dad that I would go and buy some candy from the store. But in reality, I went to play N64 for many hours. What game was on it? Super Mario 64. I was so amazed with it back then. The graphics looked incredible. And the way I could move Mario, was just mindblowing. I had only played 2D Mario games before that, so controlling 3D Mario was something I could have never imagined. After that playsession I had in the electronic shop, I started to beg an N64 from my dad. It took me a while before he agreed to buy one, but it was well worth it. I probably played Mario 64 through 10 times… 100%’d everytime. Sheesh, I sure had time as a kid. After the N64 boom went over… came Playstation. The third console in my life.


 I don’t remember much what exactly made me want the Playstation. Was it the games I played at my childhood friends houses? Hmm… perhaps. I did play Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee a lot before getting my own PS1. And my first game for it was Abe’s Exoddus. So the Oddworld games definitely had a part in it. My memories from my early days with Playstation aren’t too clear. I remember trying out many games I got from a person who lived near me, Suikoden 1 being one I remember clearly. Playstation introduced me to many new genres of games. Final Fantasy VII being the first RPG I ever played (I’ll definitely make a post about it someday). Tekken 3, the first fighting game I raged with. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, the first survival horror game which I… survived. There are some others as well, but I don’t find mentioning all of them really worth it. Let’s just say, that Playstation really changed me as a gamer. I got into RPG’s a lot because of it. It’s still one of my favourite game genres ever.

It’s not like I forgot about platforming games, either. I got into Crash Bandicoot 1 & 3, Tombi 1 & 2 and Spyro 2. But I can definitely say, that other games started to interest me more, and I didn’t play games like Mario anymore. It took me years, but I got into them again on different consoles. And I’m glad I did.

So yeah, that’s a part of the history I have with gaming. Maybe someday, I’ll write about the other consoles as well, but I think I will end this post right here. Writing more would make this overly long and I’m sure most of you would just go “TL;DR” on it.  So I’ll save them for later.

Next post: Grandia III, the black sheep of the Grandia tetralogy (Tetralogy? Who the fuck uses that word? This is like, my first time)

Peace out!